Hi Linda,
Thank you very much for your lovely comment it is much appreciated.
Linda Medhurst(non-registered)
A beautiful place to be, meandering through the Art here. Peaceful and slow, kind and fulfilled. I adore images made with love and from the heart, I believe we cannot create it if we do not feel it. I am sure Billy thinks like this too. A perfect way to view life and to feel life. Amazing Art Billy.
billy barnett(non-registered)
Hi Louise, Thank you for viewing my photos and your comment I am keeping very well and hope you are the same.
Hi Billy, have enjoyed very much your photography. Hope you are keeping well.x
Hi Meg, thank you for your comment I actually live in both now although for over 4 years I lived permanently in beijing
Meg (Flickr)(non-registered)
Hey Billy! Thought I would check out your gallery - very impressive! I had no idea you lived in Beijing, here this whole time I thought I was talking to you in the UK.
thank you very much kev that is very kind of you, if you do go for your own site then I of course recommend zenfolio
Kevin (flickr)(non-registered)
Hi Billy...

Highly impressive website. Going to come back and have proper browse. You have many cracking images on Flickr but this website really blows me away. Excellent work.
Thought about setting up a website many tomes before... now I have the buzz again!!!
Keep up the fantastic work my friend. Love to see the 'Pool' shots too...
thank you very much lourdes
Lourdes M. Merson(non-registered)
Hi Billy,

Great website and gallery, you have amazing images.
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