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How mysterious the lotus remains unstained by its muddy rootsIf pressed to compare this brief life I might declare its like the boat that crossed this mornings harbour leaving no mark on the worldLike a drifting cloud bound by nothing I just let go giving myself up to the whim of the windOn a leafless bough a crow is sitting Autumn darkening nowThe flower does not invite the butterfly and the butterfly has no intention of visiting the flower.But when flowers bloom the butterfly comes and when the butterfly comes the flower bloomsThe sea in spring time all day rising falling.The summer grasses as if the warriors were a dreamWithin all light is darkness In darkness there is lightIn this world things appearing to exist will pass away one by one....ryokanfirst winter snow i plod on traveller,my name...bashohas it returned the snow we viewed together?... bashoboth field and mountain all taken by the snow till nothing yet remains...josolike the morning glory,how fleeting is my life,today....and then...?the lightning...yesterday in the east today in the west...basho"another brick in the wall....."

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