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This suffering world the flowers will blossom, but even at that.....ou must rise above the gloomy clouds covering the mountaintop otherwise, how will you ever see the brightness?  RyokanFlower under harvest sun - stranger to bird, butterfly.  BashoBush-clover flowers —they sway but do not drop their beads of dew. BashoIn autumn wind a homeless crow is blown.  IssaIn a field far from home I think solemn thoughts of mother passed on whom I will never see againthe grasses,ah! the stems as they are,the flowers as they are...bashoAmidst the summer grasses lie the graves of saga's beauties.bashoThe petals tremble on the yellow mountain rose –roar of the rapids. BashoTemple bells die out the fragrant blossoms remain a perfect evening!  BashoWhat fish feel,birds feel, I don't know--the year ending.  BashoThe morning glories bloom, securing the gate in the old fence. BashoThis dewdrop world is a dewdrop world.....and yet,and yet. Issaat the flowerpot,the butterfly listens true buddha dharmaSilent the old town the scent of flowerts floating....and evening bell Basho

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