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Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all keeping well as I am, now that the virus has finally departed.We decided to go to the hospital this week just to make sure it wasn't anything else the doctor examined me and said "yes it's a virus in your bronchial passageways don't worry you are ok" haha that was that.I had to register before i could see the doctor and as i couldn,t register there and then (As usual) we went into see the doctor with Jun's card then when we went back on the afternoon for some x rays i got my registration card and medical book but the x rays were done on jun's card ,so the x rays were of me but they had Jun's name date of birth etc on them the doctor said thats fine dont worry about it and just signed my book It's very strange,the other thing that used to happen untill quite recently is that when you now go to the hospital you wait in line to recieve a number and you have to show ID then they put your name on your numbered ticket,but previously they didn't do that so people used to go to the hospitals very early on a morning get a number then stand outside and sell it like a ticket tout haha.I had a laugh when we arrived as i drove the car to the carpark  while Jun went and stood in line, and the old guy directing the traffic with a old uniform greycoat on and cap waved for me to go left then he spotted that i was a foreigner and came to attention and saluted me then we just looked at each other and both burst out laughing he was a real character i saw him again later and we both started laughing once more.
I have finally got my theory test book to read/study ready to sit the test when they send for me, they said (the training centre) you can sit it at the local transport police station you don't have to come here so we said "what are we paying you a £100 for then just this book and a bit of admin work" so he went away and came back and said it's for your training,we said "what training "He said you can have someone go through the theory test with you for 4 hours but it's in chinese you will have to get someone to translate for you,so that was the extent of what they have done for the £100 so Jun said ok we will have it and I will translate haha they didn,t expect that.
I was riding my bike alongside the river the other day and got a fright when in the distance i spotted a small body in the river i rode up and then realized it was a dummy but it looked so real i have included a photo to show you.
We were walking through a park at the weekend and i noticed alongside the public toilet blocks that there was a clothes line with washing hanging on it a shirt and trousers so i said to Jun I have noticed that before she said yes it,s the cleaner they live in the toilet block in a small room would that constitute "tied accommodation".
Oh another recent thing is i have found an indoor swimming pool in the complex next to ours so i am going to join this weekend.We also found a great private clinic just 10 minutes away where all the therapists are either blind or partially sighted they are such a friendly happy group we have already been for two massage treatments this week you get 1 hour massage for £3,a photo of part of the clinic also enclosed.
We also went to the tea market at the weekend I say market the whole area is about the half the size of Hartlepool we sampled some lovely teas one of them red mountain oolong was selling for £125 for a half kilo.


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